About Us

Checkaperson.com a division of Watchful Eye Investigations, LLC is a Texas based, licensed and insured company that has more than 75 years experience in criminal and civil investigations.  Our staff includes: former and current law enforcement officers, paralegal certified investigators, licensed polygraph examiners, Texas Supreme Court certified process servers, former police detectives, and investigators who hold Bachelor Degrees in Criminal Justice.  We have access to some of the most effective LE grade databases to help give you current, and accurate information that will prove to be vital in your hiring and tenant screening process.

Checkaperson.com a division of Watchful Eye Investigations, LLC, is also a nationwide leader in background checks. We provide fast, affordable, and comprehensive background checks to both small businesses, and large corporations, as well as property managers looking for the right tenant. Perhaps you are an individual that would like to know who your ex is bringing around your children. We also help companies protect there most important asset, the employees that make them a success. As a part of any comprehensive risk mitigation program, employment screening is a must since the best predictor of future performance is past behavior.

Do you include education verification in your employee background screening process? Perhaps you should. You might be surprised to learn the overwhelming number of individuals who lie about education and training on their job applications. Many simply believe that no one will check and they'll be able to get away with it.

Is it important to you that your new employee has a high school diploma or a college degree? Are you in need of a new employee with an advanced degree or specialized training? You cannot rely on the information a candidate provides for you via an application. You have to screen your applicants carefully, as some individuals will say anything just to land a job.

If you have questions about performing a background check on a person, turn to the professionals at checkaperson.com for answers. Unlike other companies, we're never too busy to answer your questions. We want you to be as informed as possible about background checks. We believe that background checks are much more beneficial when those who order them are fully informed about how to obtain and use them.

Negligent hiring is on the rise, and companies and organizations are being taken to task over their hiring practices.

It is your responsibility to make sure that the people you hire can be trusted to deal with the public and interact well with other employees. The Society for Human Resource Management states that 22% of job applicants use false claims.  

At checkaperson.com, we are proud to offer you not only access to our comprehensive background checks, but also our top-notch staff. Our background investigator staff is well trained, well informed, and capable of answering your questions in a clear and concise manner. You won't deal with confused, impatient representatives when you call us. Our number one goal is your complete satisfaction and we make sure it shows. Let Checkaperson.com handle all of your background check and employee verification needs, give us a call today.